Mr. Spalding Shares Ignatius Memories on SICP Blog!

When you utter the name "Jim Spalding" at Saint Ignatius, you'll be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn't know to whom you are referring. Jim's career at Ignatius as a teacher, mentor, and coach spans five decades.  He has influenced the lives of thousands of students.  Despite his retirement from teaching in 2004, Jim continues to give of his time and genuine love for the school and its community by appearing at reunions, spending time with alumnae, and most recently, sharing memories of his Ignatian experiences in his blog entitled "1076 Reflections".  In "1076 Reflections", Jim reminisces about his life as an educator, coach, and club moderator from 1961-2004 and shares his perspective on the evolution of the school. To read his latest entry, go to Thank you to Jim for your generosity with your time and memories!

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