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Endowments - A Lasting Legacy

Endowments ensure secure, perpetual income for Saint Ignatius College Prep. Money donated to an endowment is invested, and the interest generated is used for the purpose designated by the benefactor, whether it is tuition assistance support for students, programmatic support for faculty, or maintenance support for the school.

Many endowments are created in memory or honor of a friend, mentor or loved one, however, they are also established by alumni in the form of class gifts. Please know that any endowment may be contributed to even after it has been fully funded and the school highly encourages these gifts. Prior to July 1, 2000, endowments were fully funded at $50,000. Since that date, endowments reach maturity at $100,000. We are grateful to all the benefactors who have and continue to fund these important legacies for the future!  

Financial Aid Student Endowments 

Endowments fund over half of the approximately $4 million in assistance that is awarded to Saint Ignatius College Prep students each year. Student endowments are matched annually with a student meeting the fund’s interests and criteria and the benefactors are encouraged to build a connection with the youngster. Throughout the school year, benefactors receive letters from their sponsored student with updates on the student’s interests and progress. 

Building an endowment today will ensure the future of students tomorrow. You may wish to specify certain characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, sport or activity interests, or religion for the receiving student. Our office will work to fulfill these criteria to the best of our ability.  Your gift assists us in continuing our tradition of accepting qualified students regardless of their family’s ability to pay the full cost of tuition.

Programmatic Endowments

Programmatic endowments help sustain a high level of teaching and learning opportunity for our students by helping us to fund salaries and further educational opportunities for our teachers, counselors and academic staff. The interest from these endowments augments scarce budget dollars to help us increase salaries and benefits for the teachers without raising tuition for this purpose. Salary, benefits, and professional development are all important in attracting and retaining excellent teachers. Programmatic endowments also help maintain and acquire equipment and resources for learning. Funds are used for library acquisitions, books, periodicals and digital resources that can be used as references for study. These funds also help keep technology, computer equipment and software and lab instrumentation up-to-date.

Build Your Legacy Today

Now is a great time to start planning and building your legacy at Saint Ignatius by creating an endowment to honor or memorialize a friend or family member.  To create a new endowment, we request a pledge of $100,000 and an initial gift of $25,000 or more to the fund with fulfillment of the initial pledge within 5 years. We will coordinate with you on your family’s wishes for the name of the fund and the designation. We use a steady, modest draw from these endowments. Both in good years and bad years in the markets; these monies are carefully stewarded, the principal of your gift is protected, and the ups and downs average out over time.

For information on establishing an endowment, contact Geoff Hammond at 312.432.8406 or geoffrey.hammond@ignatius.org.    

Even after endowments reach maturity and are fully funded, please know that gifts may still be made to the fund to continue to grow the principal and the school highly encourages these gifts.  Click here to give now to an existing endowment.

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