Student Endowments

These endowments fund tuition assistance and many programs at Saint Ignatius College Prep each year. Many endowments are created in memory or honor of a friend, mentor or loved one. These endowments help us continue our school mission of fostering a socio-economically diverse student body. Prior to July 1, 2000, Endowments were fully funded at $50,000. Since that date, Endowments reach maturity at $100,000. We are grateful to all the benefactors who have and continue to fund these important legacies for the future!

The list of family, memorial and honorary student endowments is below. To contribute to an existing endowment, use the "Donate" button on this page. To build an endowment and leave your legacy, contact the development office for information.

Dermot Allen Memorial Scholarship Michael Lefkow Scholarship Endowment
The Angileri & Kistner Family Endowment The Joseph E. Liptay '83 Memorial Endowment
Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation Scholarship William F. Madden '63 Memorial Endowment
Balaban-Guess Endowment Dr. Ralph Mailliard Memorial Endowment
Rosemary S. and Kelley R. Beach, Jr. '47 Endowment James '49 & Marilyn Malooly Scholarship
The James '43 & Carolyn Beck Endowment Patricia Mason Endowment
Lucille E. Robert Bell Endowment James '51 & Jackie McDonough Endowment Needy Youngsters
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Berklacich '67 Endowment The. Hon. Frank '38 & Margaret McGarr Endowment
Mr. Charles '46 & Mrs. Patricia Bidwill Endowment Lynn and Tony McGuire Scholarship Fund
Blew-Cronin Endowment Fund McGuire Scholarship Fund
The Oogie Buenz Tutorial Fellowship Fund James '32 and Genevieve McLaughlin Endowment
David '00 and Robert '04 Burciaga Endowment Mary Catherine McManus Endowment
Estate of Ethel Burns Scholarship Endowment Menchaca-Hernandez Family Endowment
Geoffrey J. Burns '28 Scholarship Endowment Daniel H. Moran '59 Memorial Scholarship
Beth Buttita '04 Scholarship Endowment John A. Morley '51 Memorial
Lawrence L. and Helen M. Byrne Endowment The Moroney Family Endowment
Dr. Joseph A. Cantafio '36 Endowed Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moss Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carr Endowment The John '65 & Mona Nicholas Endowment for Speech/Debate
Matthew M. Chambers Memorial Scholarship Ann L. Novak Memorial Scholarship
John Chandler Endowment Daniel O'Brien '63 Memorial Scholarship
Young D. Chin and Lisa A. Chin Endowment Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. O'Connor '49 Scholarship
Evan J. Clark '04 Memorial Scholarship Fund Michael Vincent O'Donnell Memorial Endowment
St. Peter Claver Endowment Fund Patrick '50 & Joan O'Mara Memorial Endowment
Abbey-Lieux Collins Memorial Endowment Donald J. O'Shaughnessy '50 Memorial Endowment
Marshall '59 and Diane Collins Endowment I. A. O'Shaughnessy Foundation Scholarship
Mary A. Collins Memorial Endowment Evelyn Pechousek Faculty Endowment
Harold Corboy '11 Endowment Scholarship The Pritzker Endowment
JoAn G. Costin Endowment R.A.S.H. Scholarship Fund
The Curran Family Endowment Frank P. Raispis '45 Scholarship Endowment
Ken and Mark Darley Scholarship Endowment Jack Reichart/Brunswick Foundation Endowment
St. Martin de Porres Financial Aid Endowment The Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reusch Endowment
DePaul Academy Scholarship Mary Jane Rich Memorial Scholarship
James J. Doheny '37 Memorial Scholarship The John Riley Endowment
Paul Anthony Douglas Memorial Endowment Irene Rosich Memorial Endowment
Rose & Marge Drago Memorial Scholarship Donald F. Rowe, SJ Endowment
John '64 & Virginia Erb Scholarship Dr. Paul & Ann Rubino Immigrant Endowment Scholarship
William Flood '57 Endowment Mr. and Mrs. Victor Senese '60 Scholarship
The Foley Family Tuition Assistance Endowment John and Eileen Sexton Endowment
Fornelli Family Scholarship Endowment The Theresa & Henry Silvestri Endowment Fund
Edward M. & Clare A. Franklin and Mary Emerich Sch Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Smith, Jr. '36 Endowment
The Jim Galvin Endowment for Needy Youngsters The Dr. and Mrs. Alex J. Spadoni '52 Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Gentile '42 Endowment The William and Dee Dee Spence Financial Aid Endow
The Gifford Endowment St. Ignatius Jesuit Community Student Endowment
Fr. Raymond Grant SJ Memorial Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Stamm Endowment
The Haggerty & Caufield Family Endowment Larry Stanner Memorial Scholarship
George W. Hayes '18 Memorial Scholarship Raymond Starmann '59 Memorial Endowment
Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Healy Jr. '61 Scholarship End The Mother Teresa Service Endowment
William Randolph Hearst Minority Endowment The Angelo Lazzara Memorial Scholarship
The Carole Hegarty Scholarship Logos Tuition Assistance Endowment
Matthew and Naomi Hickey Memorial Scholarship The Mazza Foundation Endowment
The Hill Family Endowment Prince Charitable Trust Scholarship
The Hilliker Family Endowment Mr. Parker Thorne Memorial Endowment
Barbara Hinton Memorial Scholarship Ian P. Thornton '05 Memorial Fund
Albert and John Hoffman Scholarship Moira Ruth Tierney Endowed Scholarship
The Julia Nash Houlihan Memorial Endowment Mr. and Mrs. F. Paul Valenti '59 Scholarship
Cullen Hughes Scholarship Ernie Von Simson Endowment for Latin/Greek Student
E.J. Hunt '72 Endowment IMO Bernard Mulhern SJ'38 John Waldron '24 Scholarship
Don Hurta Scholarship Endowment Fr. Thomas Wallace, SJ Memorial Endowment
The Frank and Margaret Izzo Endowment Joseph & Bertille Walsh Scholarships
Lorraine and Bernard Kash Endowment Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Winikates '45 Endowment
Robert Kramer '65 Memorial Endowment Rev. Peter Witmanski '27 Scholarship
Robert C. and Doris W. Kunkel Endowment The John '53 & Nancy Woulfe Endowment


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