Join the Law Society today! 

The Law Society was founded in 2005 and welcomes all individuals and firms involved in the field of law. 100% of the annual membership fees directly support the Michael F. Lefkow Endowment, a memorial tuition assistance endowment renamed in 2007 (formally the Law Society Endowment created in 2001). The endowment has provided financial assistance to 3 students for a combined 8 years at Saint Ignatius.

The Law Society's mission is to foster camaraderie among alumni, parents and friends of the school who are involved in the field of law. Membership in the society provides an opportunity for law professionals to establish a lasting legacy while also supporting the school and its students. 

Annual Membership rates are $250 and are 100% tax-deductible donations. Annual Membership rates for Young Professionals ages 30 and under are $150.

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