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The Saint Ignatius Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes individual athletes, teams, coaches, administrators, friends or clergy who have had extraordinary athletic achievements during their time at Saint Ignatius College Prep. The award was first given in 1995 and is now presented during the Athletic Hall of Fame Reception and Induction Ceremony. 

Alumni may be nominated after their 15th reunion. Coaches may be nominated after five years of continuous coaching service and one year after leaving Saint Ignatius. Teams recognized must have accomplished a significant feat in order to be considered (e.g. State Championship, Conference Championship, stellar completion record). Nominations will be accepted for any alumni, living or deceased. Club sport teams and athletes will be recognized under the same selection process as school-sanctioned teams and athletes.

You may submit your nominations for 2018 by emailing a completed Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form to Gia DeCarlo with "Hall of Fame Nomination" in the subject line. 


2016 Induction Ceremony - 9.30.16

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2015 Induction Ceremony - 2.6.15

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2014 Induction Ceremony - 3.21.14

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2013 Induction Ceremony - 2.8.13

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Hall of Fame Members


Mr. James E. Baker (Dec'd) '51    (Track)

Mr. Donald P. Biernat (Dec'd) '54    (Football)

Mr. Terry J. Biernat '55    (Football, Track)

Mrs. Meghan Gilhooly Burke '96 (Track and Field)

Mr. William F. Calkins '51    (Football and Basketball)

Mr. Marc Camardo '79    (Baseball)

Mr. Charles J. Casello, Jr. '60 (Men's Varisty Football)

Mr. George L. Christopher (Dec'd) '56    (Football and Track)

Mr. Robert W. Colfer '47    (Track)

Mr. Charles C. Collins (Dec'd) '21    (Football)

Mr. Edward F. Condon, Jr. '49    (Basketball)

Mr. Thomas E. Coyne '51    (Track)

Mr. Francis E. Curran (Dec'd) '39    (Football)

Mrs. Michelle Hanson Curtin '82    (Volleyball, Track, and Cheerleading)

Mr. Mark A. Dalesandro '86    (Baseball)

Mr. Henry J. Deiters '46    (Football)

Mr. Kevin A. Donlan (Dec'd) '39    (Basketball and Track)

Mr. William J. Durkin (Dec'd) '39    (Basketball)

Mr. Theodore A. Edwards '71    (Track)

Mr. Lawrence C. Fey (Dec'd) '45    (Track)

Mr. Thomas R. Finnin (Dec’d) ’46 (Men’s Varsity Football)

Mr. Anthony J. Fornelli '51    (Football & Track)

Mr. Michael Fountain '86 (Track)

Mr. John J. Francis (Dec'd) '33    (Track)

Mr. Richard L. Free (Dec'd) '40 (Track & Field, Basketball and Football)

Mr. John J. Gaffney (Dec'd) '52    (Basketball, Football and Track)

Mr. Joseph A. Gagliardo (Dec'd) '45    (Basketball, Football and Track)

Mrs. Natasha A. Galavotti '91    (Basketball )

Adm. Daniel V. Gallery (Dec'd) '18    (Football)

Mr. Nicholas A. Gallo '51 (Football)

Mr. Joseph J. Gentile (Dec'd) '42    (Football)

Mr. James A. Geraghty '45    (Track)

Mr. Patrick J. Geraghty (Dec'd) '46    (Football)

Mrs. Kelly Whealan George '84    (Swimming)

Mrs. Brittany Smith Gottschall '96 (Tennis)

Mr. Richard A. Gray '93 (Tennis)

Mr. Robert P. Grimes '46    (Football)

Mr. George W. Groble '53 (Football, Track and Field)

Mr. William J. Groble '84 (Soccer and baseball)

Mr. Robert P. Hanrahan '51 (Dec'd)    (Track)

Hon. Russell W. Hartigan ’64 (Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Coach, Referee)

Mr. J. "Jack" Hayes (Dec'd) '45    (Football)

Mr. Michael V. Hechinger (Dec'd) '08    (Baseball)

Mr. Edward Hechinger (Dec'd) '02    (Baseball)

Mr. Richard A. Heise '53    (Basketball & Track)

Mr. William A. Hickey (Dec'd) '45    (Football & Track)

Mr. Frederic G. Hogan '65    (Football and Swimming)

Mr. Donald J. Hogan (Dec'd) '61    (Football and Track)

Mr. Edward M. Hogan, Jr. '66    (Baseball)

Mr. Edward P. Hoyle, Sr. '54 (Dec'd)   (Basketball and Track)

Mr. William L. Jacoby '45    (Football & Track)

Mr. Alidore A. Jancauskas (Dec'd) '45    (Football & Track)

Mr. John J. Karnick '51    (Football )

Mr. John A. Kegaly '52    (Football)

Mr. John J. Kenealy (Dec'd) '45    (Football)

Mr. Patrick T. King '58    (Basketball)

Mr. Mark L. Kosiek '73    (Basketball/Baseball)

Mr. Theodore A. Lapka (Dec'd) '38    (Football)

Ms. Claire Molloy Larmon '92    (Basketball)

Mr. Richard M. Lynch (Dec'd) '51    (Track)

Col. Raymond G. Mayer, U.S.A.(Ret.) '51    (Track)

Dr. Arturo T. Menchaca '71 (Track and Cross Country)

Mr. John F. McDonnell (Dec'd) '43    (Track, Football and Basketball)

Mr. Donald Mnichowicz (Dec'd) '57

Mr. Francis J. Moroney (Dec'd) '48    (Football and Track)

Mr. Malik T. Murray '92 (Basketball)

Mr. Fred D. Nosal '52    (Football)

Dr. James A. Nowlan '51    (Track)

Mr. Donald E. O'Connor (Dec'd) '45    (Football)

Mr. John F. O'Connor (Dec'd) '45    (Football & Basketball)

Mr. Thomas M. O'Hara '60    (Track and Cross Country)

Mr. Joseph S. Parks (Dec'd) '43    (Football and Track)

Ms. RaKina P. Payne '93    (Tennis, Track and Field)

Dr. Paul S. Poskozim '57    (Tennis)

Mr. Arthur J. Reliford, Jr. '92    (Basketball)

Mrs. Maureen McManaman Rooney '97 (Basketball)

Mr. Joseph R. Rotunno '46    (Football, Track  and Basketball)

Ms. Patricia M. Ryan '95    (Volleyball)

Mr. Anthony E. Sacco (Dec'd) '35   

Mr. Michael E. Sawyer '85    (Track)

Mr. John P. Sheetz '36    (Football)

Mr. Eric M. Simpson '90    (Basketball)

Mr. Timothy C. Smith (Dec'd) '74 (Track)

Mrs. Megan Basil Song ’94 (Women’s Varsity Basketball)

Mr. Robert E. Spain (Dec'd) '57    (Track)

Mr. William J. Sullivan (Dec'd) '50    (Basketball)

Mr. John T. Supplitt '75    (Soccer)


1948-1951 Men's Cross Country Team

The 1945 City Champion Football Team

The Class of 1920 Football Team

The 1998 Boys Varsity Soccer Team

The 1991 Womens Varsity Basketball Team


Mr. Gerald Brockhouse     (Athletic Director, coach, teacher, trainer, P.E. Dept. Head)

Mr. Robert L. Connelly (Dec'd) '46    (Athletic Director, swim coach, basketball player)

Mr. James V. Connelly (Dec'd)    (Track and cross country coach)

Ms. Rychelle L. Hooper '87    (Tennis)

Mr. James A. Luzzi '65    (Soccer)

Mr. Ralph Mailliard (Dec'd)    (Track and football coach)

Mr. Thomas McKenna (Basketball)

Rev. Edwin Moosbrugger, S.J. (Dec'd)    (Tennis coach)

Mr. Carmen J. Pintozzi (Dec'd) '56    (Football player, teacher and cross country/football coach)

Mr. James Spalding (Tennis, baseball, basketball and football coach)

Mr. John Tracy (Dec’d) (Basketball)

Mr. John Wrenn '81 (Basketball)

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